The Ancient Way of the Mind – An Abstract

The following is an abstract summary of my book, tentatively titled The Ancient Way of the Mind. Between 100,000 and 10,000 years ago, humans embarked on a significant journey. During this period, we developed the capacity to think abstractly, employing logic and reason to create narratives and symbols that fostered cooperation and unity within ourContinue reading “The Ancient Way of the Mind – An Abstract”

The DMN: The brain network holding us back from altered consciousness

René Descartes famously stated, “I think therefore I am.” A concept centered around the idea that the existence of our meta-conscious thought proves our existence. Furthermore, it denotes a sense of self-derived from the presence of our thinking. What if this famous idea is wrongly reversed? What if our perceived sense of self derives fromContinue reading “The DMN: The brain network holding us back from altered consciousness”

Meditation and Stress Resilience

Modern life, despite all our technology, can still feel challenging. Many of us work very long hours to make ends meet, burdened by stress that can dramatically affect our health. The internet provides us with a wealth of helpful knowledge but also bombards us with headlines that can make us uneasy about the state ofContinue reading “Meditation and Stress Resilience”

Interoception and Mindfulness: The Path to Understanding Reality is Through Understanding the Self

We all live with our bodies every day, but do we truly experience them?  Does this experience of the body have a broader consequence on our interpretation of life and our experience of well-being? The ability to experience the sensations of the body is known as interoception, and mindfulness meditation seems to be a powerfulContinue reading “Interoception and Mindfulness: The Path to Understanding Reality is Through Understanding the Self”

The Importance of Freeing the Mind to Change Behavior

Humans, like other organisms, are creatures of habit. Our experiences in life influence our future behavior. Additionally, habits formed cement themselves as they are repeated. I once heard the analogy that the mind is like a mountain covered in snow. When we follow a train of thought, it is akin to riding a sled downContinue reading “The Importance of Freeing the Mind to Change Behavior”

The Mind Body Relationship

We live in a world where the advances in modern medicine are heralded as achievements beyond our wildest dreams. Science is truly amazing and will continue to propel human life forward in tremendous ways. However, our journey as scientific healers is in its extreme infancy, and what we see as medicine today will be interpretedContinue reading “The Mind Body Relationship”

How Meditation increases Vagal Tone via Breath

In recent years, mindfulness meditation has been gaining traction as a form of therapy to address various health-related issues. In a previous blog post, I discussed how meditation is a promising technique to alleviate anxiety and depression. Previously, I examined the effects of mindfulness meditation through a psychological perspective. However, I find that the scienceContinue reading “How Meditation increases Vagal Tone via Breath”

Mindfulness in Sex

                We all know that sex can be pleasurable, and most of us seek it as a core aspect of a fulfilled life. We do this instinctively, like the desire to eat good food or have a nice restful sleep. Yet, we rarely discuss how sex is potentially a very important aspect of our mentalContinue reading “Mindfulness in Sex”

Consciousness, Meditation, and Enlightenment

What is consciousness, and can it be changed or enhanced? This is a question that humans have struggled with for a very long time. The question of consciousness alone is daunting. Some even argue that humans will never be able to find the answer. Regardless, the quest for knowledge is not always about the answer,Continue reading “Consciousness, Meditation, and Enlightenment”