Technology and Global Enlightenment

Where is technology taking us? Will robots surpass us in intelligence and replace us altogether one day? Will we combine with the machine in some symbiotic merge that creates a new super being, or are machines merely tools that will allow our more fundamental nature to thrive? In this article, I will argue that technologyContinue reading “Technology and Global Enlightenment”

The Need for Bitcoin

When Bitcoin was first released back in 2009, I was skeptical. Sure, I understood that it was invented to solve our world’s money problem; the same money problem that had led to the recent economic collapse of the Great Recession of 2008. However, I was hesitant to imagine that everyone in the world would adoptContinue reading “The Need for Bitcoin”

How does Federal Reserve Manipulation of Interest Rates Affect the Business Cycle?

I was in high school during the 2008 Great Recession. The significance of that event made me critically question our current economic system. It made me very interested in how our system of money and banking works. This path of inquiry led me to research and understand the truly complicated and underdiscussed issue of fiatContinue reading “How does Federal Reserve Manipulation of Interest Rates Affect the Business Cycle?”

Economics and Ethics

Personally, I feel the topics study of economics is grossly misrepresented. When an intellectual topic becomes politicized, the objective pursuit of the truth is hindered. Often, politicization of ideas leads to polarization, and no longer is the conversation openly discussed in a critical manner that allows for the free exchange of ideas. Without the freeContinue reading “Economics and Ethics”